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The Unknown VCD For Religious Hatred Is Widely Distributed

The Head of MKPI in Medan
express their disagreement for the widely distributed VCD of religious hatred in Indonesia, especially in Java Island. He, then, urges the authorities to prevent the spread of religious hatred, especially in Medan.

North Sumatera is a very unique province in Indonesia. It consist of several communities from different religions. They live in a peacefull and fully tolerance society despite many provocations from the unknown groups to create chaos and disturbance.

The people gained their maturity in living in pluralism due to the awareness for creation a peaceful society. The campaign for religious hatred was made in the first time ever by Dutch colonial agent in 19th century by dividing the community in by religious belief.

The policy of 'divide and rule' is implemented to occupy the whole area of North Sumatera. But due to the consciousness of the people for the demand to gain freedom, people from different faith united to expel Dutch power and its agent from Indonesia.

After Indonesian independent, the hidden campaign for religious hatred is still available, but till now no body knows to identify the group responsible for the act.