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Japanese Poster in Indonesia: What a wonderful occupation

Its very interesting to see the colorful poster of Japanese occupation in Indonesia from this blog (click here). The posters did not try to persuade the audience but rather to order or to force the reader or the occupied to do something.
Its understandable that this poster was produced in pre Indonesian independent era. But actually the behavior of Japaneses in Indonesia is still the same as their predecessor.

You can see, Japanese business in Indonesia is still monopolizing. Sometimes they even don't bother to attack Indonesia's policy, if they feel it endangered to their business.

One time ago, Indonesia publicly announce their will to make a brand new car made in Indonesia. Immediately all Japanese businessmen declare their intention to leave Indonesia and to make million of workers abandoned. Something that will be regrettable for Indonesian.

Compare the above two poster with the newest Japanese poster here, or you can find any Jap product advertisement in TV. Its seem there are many similarities.

The question is: Is Indonesia still under Japanese occupation??? Or..

What a wonderful life.