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Indonesian artist in Beijing

04/21/08 09:32
Indonesian artist displays his works in Beijing

Beijing (ANTARA News) - Haris Purnomo displayed some of his paintings and baby statuettes at a gallery in Beijing, to show his concern about babies who had to face suffering right after birth.

"All the paintings and statues that I have made are about babies, as a means of expression of my concern about the condition of babies and infants around me in Indonesia," Haris Purnomo said in Beijing on Sunday.

The display of 10 paintings and statuettes of crawling babies was held at the Vanessa Art Center in Beijing opened by Deputy Head of the Indonesian Embassy in Beijing Mohamad Oemar, and also attended by head of the embassy`s social and cultural section Rosmalawati Chalid.

He said that the form of concern is that right after birth the babies are already "suffering" because they have to facing huge debts.

All the babies in the paintings have tattoos on their body. "Imagine the pain when being tattooed. The tattoos on the babies indicated the `pain` caused by the huge debts," he said.

Such concern not only occurred in Indonesia, but in other countries facing huge debts as well.

He said that his paintings and works always used babies.

On May 14, 2008, he planned to display some of his works in Hong Kong with the same topic.